EFFECTIVE PERIOD: 2014/07/01 - 2018/06/30 (EXPIRED)


A)  Teachers shall be placed on the salary scale according to qualifications and experience as recognized by the Department up to the maximum of their class.

B) Increments shall be paid effective the first day of the Fall Term, the first day after the Christmas break, or the first day after the Spring Term, whichever occurs first following the attainment of the equivalent of an additional full year of experience.

C) Any teacher who improves his or her academic or professional qualifications during any part of the year shall be paid according to those improved qualifications as provided for in this agreement.  Such increase in basic salary shall be paid beginning the first of the month following receipt of notification of an improvement from the Department of Education.  However, in the case of notification being received by the Division during the month of June or July, then such increase shall be paid effective the first day of the next fall term.

D)  Teachers hired on a Limited Teaching Permit or Provisional Certificate shall be classified by the Department and paid by the Division accordingly.